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The Building Blocks of Self-Leadership

Create Massive Impact as a Leader

To be a great leader, you must first lead yourself.

Self-Leadership is about having a strong sense of who you are so you can have the clarity and confidence to achieve the results you want.

Create massive impact as a leader.

Leadership is NOT a role; it is a way of being. Who do we need to be to show up as inspiring and empowering leaders in ALL areas of our lives? Self-Leadership assumes that when we know, accept, and care for ourselves, we can more easily extend the same to others.

In this free resource, we’re diving into determining The Building Blocks of Self-Leadership.

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So, what if…

  • You could identify and dispel the limiting beliefs or ‘saboteurs’ that keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving your professional goals.
  • You had the tools to deal with the daily pressures that many professional women experience.
  • You had the self-awareness to identify YOUR career goals and aspirations and an action plan to achieve them.

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Client Approved

Jessica LaCroix
“My interest in working with a coach came down to a choice. I was focused on building key relationships within my organization, and also on assessing my leadership style for a new group of direct reports. When my traditional methods were not working, I had the choice of finding ways of adapting my style to work for my role, or finding a role that fit my current style. I now have more tools in my toolbelt and am a more adaptable leader.

During the course of our coaching journey, I have seen a number of changes – big and small. From preparing for and executing a particularly difficult conversation so as to approach it with more confidence, to finding new ways to build a key relationship with a member of the executive team, to challenging my own internal assumptions and negative self-talk, I am a more confident team member and have been able to progress my career more quickly than I thought possible.

Getting to know Camille, building that trusting relationship, and seeing progress together was wonderful. I felt I had a true ally, which has been invaluable.”

– Jessica LaCroix, HR Professional

Lisa Mitchell
“If I could pinpoint one thing that coaching has given me, it’s FOCUS. I was recently promoted, and I was looking to up-level my client management approach to be more STRATEGIC and less tactical; I wanted to be seen by my client as a valued thought partner. It’s so easy to get caught up in busy work; transactions that, while necessary, aren’t advancing the client toward their goals. I want to make a real difference for my client and my organization.

The best part of coaching was the 1:1 meetings; the focused time helped me to create a plan of action that was truly ACTIONABLE. I also learned how to leverage strategies that WORK; what am I doing that is delivering RESULTS to my client?
Thank you, Camille, for supporting me to FOCUS on the right path!”

– Lisa Mitchell, Staffing Account Manager

Your Self-Leadership Journey Starts Here

Learn the foundation of Self-Leadership and gain clarity on where you’re at and where you’d like to go as a leader.

In this free resource, you’ll receive…

  • A deep awareness of your Self-Leadership Brand
  • The opportunity to determine the leader you aspire to be
  • A better understanding of your strengths
  • Clarity around your values
  • The support you need to become the leader you want to be

Leadership is an inside job.

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Client Approved

“I have worked with numerous training and development vendors and consultants during my 20+ years in the industry, and often walked away a little disappointed with the return on my investment. Camille was an exception to that experience in that she took the time to understand our needs and help us define them through careful analysis. She then worked to customize a learning experience to suit our specific goals for the program.

I selected Camille because of her mindfulness; she embodies her message of being a conscious leader and coach by connecting with her audience rather than just talking at them. Her preparation and follow-up skills demonstrated to me that she takes her work as seriously as I do. I would highly recommend Camille and her programs/services.”

– Doris Guilfoyle, Manager, Training and Development, Customer Experience

Meet Camille

Camille McKinneyCamille McKinney is a professional Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Speaker who empowers overworked, high-achieving women in leadership to dig deeper, trust themselves, and grow to their full potential. Camille’s ability to connect with her clients in an approachable, level-headed, and authentic way while leading them toward their goals is what sets her apart.

Camille is passionate about elevating the impact leaders have on people and organizations. Her evolution resulted in creating a model for developing one’s personal Self-Leadership, which includes six building blocks to explore, embody and express one’s unique leadership brand.

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